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A Message from the Freelancers Alumni Corps Board

20 Jul 2011
Congratulations on a great weekend of performances and rehearsals. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. After enjoying a great weekend together, and while the fun is still fresh on our minds, let’s stay focused on the things that keep this activity fun and avoid the things that can take the fun out of it.

Over the past few weeks, and as recently as today, there have been a handful of comments made, either publicly during rehearsals or through electronic messages or forum postings, or privately between individuals, that included sexual references or harsh criticisms of groups or individuals in our corps. Those comments are not appropriate for an organization as diverse as ours. Please remember that this is a community based organization open to men, women and youth of all ages, ethnicities, religions, etc…, and offensive language by or between members will not be tolerated. We’re all participating in this Freelancers Alumni adventure for any number of personal reasons, and we all bring a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and music capabilities. We’re all fully involved in the distractions and other commitments of everyday life – personal needs, family, health, work, religion, school, etc…, and we need to respect each other’s diversity and participation in the corps.

We all agreed to follow the corps’ rules of conduct, which includes (among other things) being respectful of everyone within the organization and avoiding offending or harassing behavior or comments. Let’s all keep those rules in mind when making public comments to or about individuals or groups within the corps. Sexual innuendo is never okay in a public forum such as ours. And while appropriate constructive criticism is great, insulting or derogatory criticism is not. This isn’t meant to stifle constructive comments made publicly on our forums, emails, etc…. It’s simply a reminder that we’re all here to have fun, not to subject ourselves to insults. We’ve all heard it before – it’s not what you say but how you say it. Also remember that this applies to constructive criticisms given privately. We don’t all have the same senses of humor and it’s easy to mistake jesting or sarcasm for insults and attacks.

Thank you all for your effort to make this fun for everyone while striving to make music we’re all proud to perform.
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